Goodbye Panda // 2 min loop 

"In the beginning there was infinite movement in infinite space.
We enter right after a critical moment: The Birth of Consciousness.
The Movement of Panda had to be determined.
Was He going sideways, or was He shooting up into the infinite blue sky?
Panda's loneliness overwhelmed His judgment and His movement was set as a fall into an infinite abyss of sadness." (i love ikooki: A Mythology)


The Ride // 5 min loop

The Ride is a part of the "i love ikooki" exhibition.
It depicts a fragment of the relationship between ikooki and Her Friend as seen through Panda's eyes.

Zen Bubbles // 5 min loop

Zen's excrement is bubbles.
All Zen's activities are floating and secreting bubbles.
Zen is also ikooki's hat.
Zen's bubbles animate ikooki's soulless body.